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yle-dl (previous known as RTMPDump-YLE) is a command-line program for downloading media files from the two video streaming services of the Finnish national broadcasting company Yle: Yle Areena, and Elävä arkisto.

The videos are saved in Flash video (FLV) format. At least VLC player is able to play them back.


yle-dl yle_video_page_url [options]

Options include:

Download the latest episode from the page
Print librtmp-compatible URL, don't download

Any option understood by rtmpdump is also accepted. See yle-dl --help for the full list of options.

For example:

yle-dl http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1515302


yle-dl http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1515302 -o /your/video/dir/video.mp4


Source code

Stable yle-dl 2.6.0 (1.3.2015)

Development version

The source code is available under GNU GPLv2 license.

Other required packages: rtmpdump (version 2.4 or newer, the latest development version from the project homepage is recommended), python (version 2.6 or newer) and pycrypto. Either AdobeHDS.php or youtube-dl is required to download videos from Yle Areena. Only AdobeHDS.php can download live streams. AdobeHDS.php additionally requires php and the following php extensions: bcmath, curl and SimpleXML.


Install yle-dl by running (requires root priviledges): make install

Install AdobeHDS.php: make install-adobehds

Installer and frontend packages created by others



Mac OS X