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yle-dl is a command-line program for downloading media files from the two video streaming services of the Finnish national broadcasting company Yle: Yle Areena, Elävä arkisto, and Yle news.

The videos are saved in Matroska (.mkv), Flash video (FLV) or MP4 format. At least VLC player is able to play them back.


pip3 install --user --upgrade yle-dl

Required packages: Python 2.7 or 3.5+, ffmpeg 4.1+

Optional dependencies for certain types of streams: PHP interpreter and the following PHP extensions: bcmath, curl, mcrypt and SimpleXML; rtmpdump for downloading some Elävä Arkisto audio streams (version 2.4 or newer, the latest development version from the project homepage is recommended); wget; youtube-dl.


yle-dl [options] yle_video_page_url

Options include:

-o filename
Save stream to the named file
--destdir dir
Save files to dir
Download the latest episode from the page
Print stream metadata, don't download
--proxy uri
Proxy for downloading stream manifests. Example: --proxy socks5://localhost:7777

See yle-dl --help for the full list of options.

For example:

yle-dl http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1515302


yle-dl http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1515302 -o /your/video/dir/video.mp4

Source codes

Stable: yle-dl 20191022
SHA256 digest: 6e4ef38c5162ddd3da800c7c97c5fcb3dc4d12f9809a9d9d949c114877714801

Development version

The source code is available under GNU GPLv3 license.

Installer and frontend packages created by others


emerge -av yle-dl

Other Linux



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